The Core Team: The People Behind PHTT


mitali2Mitali Banerji is an Economics and Political Science major from India. She loves chocolate, reading and swimming, but is deathly afraid of birds. In her free time she enjoys organizing events and insists that all documents are formatted as 12pt, justified Times New Roman. Through the PHTT she seeks to develop a deeper understanding of public health issues — especially how they affect policy-making — and hopes to connect with passionate individuals in the region. Mitali is a Core Team member for communication and logistics.
alex2Alex Dimitri majored in Chemistry with a minor in Biology during her undergraduate years and later completed a Masters in Chemistry and a PhD in Biology. She is half French and half Egyptian. She loves running but after an injury took to capoeira instead as part of her recovery. Her favourite movie is Dirty Dancing and she loves chocolate and playing pranks. She thinks the PHTT is a great opportunity to engage with a diverse range of students, and hopes to build a strong foundation for engagement with public health issues through this network. Alex is the Pre-Health and STEM Advisor at the NYUAD Career Development Center, and serves as the PHTT advisor.
sjur2 Sjur Hamre is an Economics and Political Science major from Norway. He is very passionate about design and architecture, and some say that he is madly in love with computers. He also enjoys running, climbing and classic movies like the Blues Brothers, and is fascinated by tiny islands and misuse of latin plurals. Through the PHTT he hopes to create awareness of public health issues and to help to equip students with the courage and skills to develop interventions that benefit their communities. Sjur is the co-chair for communication and logistics.
sarah2Sarah Hassan is a Biology major but is also interested in Literature. She is originally from Egypt, but has lived in both the U.S. and Abu Dhabi. She enjoys genomics research, reading and listening to obscure music. She also likes bad puns and getting lost in unknown cities. Through the PHTT she hopes to explore the field of public health, address the various health issues in the region and work with passionate individuals to create innovative public health action plans. Sarah is a Core Team member for curriculum development and outreach.
gabriel2Gabriel Figueroa Torres is a Biology major from Colombia. Many often mistake him as Arab due to his fluency in Arabic and general love for the region. He loves working with and helping people and communities, which nurtured his passion for medicine and languages. Through the PHTT he hopes to create awareness about the complexity of public health issues and develop a deeper level of engagement and passion for them. Gabriel is a Core Team member for curriculum development and outreach.
dhanya2Dhanya Baby is a Biology and History major but is also considering anthropology. She is originally from India, but lived in Singapore for 10 years before moving to Australia. She loves softball, racquetball and desserts, and is also an amateur gardener. Through the PHTT she wants to raise awareness about health issues amongst the youth, learn more about the field of public health and create long-lasting partnerships with other like-minded students. Dhanya is the co-chair for curriculum development and outreach.