Malin Garemo to speak at PHTT 2015

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Malin Garemo has been confirmed as a speaker for Public Health Think Tank 2015!

Dr. Garemo is a clinical dietician who specialises in pediatrics and cystic fibrosis. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies at the the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She first obtained a B.Sc in Dietetics, followed by a M.Sc in Nutrition and finally a Ph.D in Pediatrics.

She is currently working as an Assistant Professor of nutrition and public health at Zayed University. Her teaching interests include principles of nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, clinical nutrition, diet planning and food science. Her research focuses on health and eating habits in young adults, healthy meals in schools and restaurants, and SSB and body composition.

Dr. Garemo is a strong advocate for healthy eating practises, especially amongst children. In an interview she gave to the National, Dr. Garemo said, “research shows that when children are exposed to healthy food from an early age, they are more likely to continue eating healthy when they’re teenagers and into adulthood.”

“Establishing healthy habits from the beginning will make it easier for children to stick to a healthy lifestyle but, when they are eating unhealthy, it becomes more challenging to eat healthy as they grow older,” she added.

Prior to joining Zayed University, she worked as a clinical dietician in several hospitals, where she started out by work on both adults and children. Later, she specialized in child nutrition. She has been very keenly involved with the public health department of the University of Gothenburg and has published several research papers and studies related to health and nutrition. She is currently a member of the Health Authority Abu Dhabi’s Nutrition Task Force, and previously ran her own health and nutrition consultancy company in Denmark.

Photo: Private; used with permission.